Fexticum : traditional cultural fair held in Monsefú, Peru

Fexticum is a traditional cultural fair held in Monsefú, Peru, every year during the month of July. The fair celebrates the rich culture and heritage of the region, including its food, handicrafts, music, and dance[1][2][3]. Fexticum is the largest costumbrista fair in the Lambayeque region and is included in the National Tourist Calendar of Peru[2][4]. The fair features exhibitions, cultural shows, live music, traditional dances, and a national marinera contest[2][4]. The fair has been held annually since 1973 and is named after the Feria de Exposiciones Típico Culturales de Monsefú by Limberg Chero Ballena[3]. Fexticum is a popular event that attracts visitors from all over the country and beyond[1][2].


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