Fexticum de Monsefú is a traditional cultural fair held in Monsefú, Peru

Fexticum de Monsefú is a traditional cultural fair held in Monsefú, Peru, every year during the month of July. The fair celebrates the rich culture and traditions of the Lambayeque region, and features a variety of activities, including:

Exhibitions of traditional crafts and foods: Visitors can browse through a variety of stalls selling traditional crafts, such as textiles, jewelry, and ceramics. There are also many stalls selling delicious regional foods, such as ceviche, seco de cabrito, and arroz con pato.

Live music and dance performances: There are always live music and dance performances throughout the fair, featuring traditional Lambayeque music and dance. Some of the most popular dances include marinera, an special North Peruvian Dance.

The election of Señorita Fexticum: The highlight of the fair is the election of Señorita Fexticum, a beauty pageant that celebrates the beauty and culture of the Lambayeque region. The winner of the pageant is crowned Señorita Fexticum and becomes an ambassador for the fair and the Lambayeque region.

Other activities: There are also a variety of other activities at the fair, such as horse racing, cockfighting, and fireworks displays.

Fexticum de Monsefú is a great opportunity to experience the rich culture and traditions of the Lambayeque region. It is a lively and festive event that is sure to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Here are some additional facts about Fexticum de Monsefú:

  • The fair was founded in 1973 by Limberg Chero Ballena.
  • The name "Fexticum" is a combination of the words "folklore" and "exposición."
  • The fair is held in the Parque Principal de Monsefú, the main square of the town.
  • The fair typically lasts for a week, from late July to early August.
  • In 2023, the fair will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Fexticum is an acronym of Feria de Exposiciones Típico Culturales de Monsefú translates to "Fair of Typical Cultural Exhibitions of Monsefú" in English. The acronym is a good way to remember the full name of the fair, and it also helps to convey the purpose of the event.


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