FEXTICUM 2023: Celebrating 50 Years of Tradition and Culture in Monsefú.

The city of Monsefú, in the Department of Lambayeque, is in full effervescence as it prepares to celebrate the Golden Wedding Anniversary of FEXTICUM, the most important folk fair in the region. With over three thousand years of cultural traditions deeply rooted in the local identity, this festivity promises to be an unforgettable experience for all lovers of culture, gastronomy, and music from northern Peru.

The Legacy of Five Decades:

From its modest beginnings in 1973, when Professor Limberg Chero Ballena took the initiative to revalue Monsefú's ancient cultural expressions, FEXTICUM has grown to become an emblematic event that has left an indelible mark on the region. Despite the climate challenges and the pandemic, this fair has maintained its essence and continued to evolve, even virtualizing its shows and services during the most difficult times.

A Unique Experience in Peru:

FEXTICUM, whose name stands for Typical-Cultural Exhibition Fair of Monsefú, is much more than a simple fair. It is a tribute to the history and cultural richness of Monsefú, a town proud of its faith, entrepreneurship, and joy. During the fair days, the streets and squares transform into a vibrant stage full of colorful arches, music, folk dances, and a gastronomic offering that exceeds 50 original dishes, each with authentic flavors reflecting the fusion of cultures throughout time.

Gastronomy to Delight the Senses:

One of the highlights of FEXTICUM is its exquisite gastronomic offering. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste emblematic dishes prepared with indigenous ingredients such as duck, life fish (an ancestral river fish), and turkey. These authentic flavors and culinary diversity reflect the history and fusion of cultures that have enriched Monsefú's cuisine over the centuries. From the famous Arroz con Pato (rice with duck) to the delicious Ceviche de Toyo (fish ceviche), the most demanding palates will find a unique culinary experience in every bite.

Music, Dance, and Art:

FEXTICUM is also a festival of music and dance. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy live performances by musical orchestras, where the rhythms of cumbia and the marinera monsefuana will fill the atmosphere with joy and energy. Additionally, they can witness the national marinera competition, a competition that stands out for the elegance and skill of the dancers. The craft exhibitions, showcasing Monsefú's cultural heritage in every colorful embroidery and motif, should not be missed.

An Unprecedented Celebration:

To mark the Golden Wedding Anniversary of FEXTICUM, a series of special events have been planned to make this edition even more spectacular. The bread and craft festival are added to the program, demonstrating Monsefú's innovative capacity to adapt to current challenges without losing sight of its ancestral traditions. The fair promises to immerse visitors in a world of fascinating traditions and an explosion of flavors, music, and unique dances that celebrate the identity and resilience of this community.

A Call to Experience It:

FEXTICUM is a unique opportunity to get to know and enjoy the cultural richness of Monsefú while contributing to the development of the region. Beyond being a folk festival, it is a manifestation of identity that generates employment and fights against poverty in northern Peru. This event is a living tribute to the history and legacy of Monsefú, and an open invitation to all Peruvians and international visitors to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience.

FEXTICUM 2023 in Monsefú is ready to celebrate its Golden Wedding Anniversary with a folk fair that pays homage to the tradition and culture of northern Peru. With an exceptional gastronomic offering, music, dances, and craft exhibitions, this celebration promises to captivate attendees and immerse them in the history and cultural richness of Monsefú. Don't miss this unique opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Lambayeque region. We await you at FEXTICUM!


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